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Good quality Nandrolone Decanoate Steroid for sales
I have received my products , you packing is do discreet and perfect , it really amazed me .i will order more from you as soon as possible . Tks!

—— - Robet--Australia

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Hongkong Yuancheng Gongchuang Technology Co., Limited

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Hongkong Yuancheng Gongchuang Technology Co., Limited Office Sample products

Company Details:

Business Type : Manufacturer
Trading Company
Main Market : North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
No. of Employees : 100~120
Annual Sales : 100-500
Year Established : 2014
Export p.c : 90% - 100%
Our products:
Products list of raw powders:
Oxymetholone (Anadrol)( CAS: 434-07-1)
Oxandrolone (Anavar)( CAS: 53-39-4)
Stanozolol (Winstrol)( CAS: 10418-03-8)
Methandrostenolone (Dianabol, methandienone)(CAS: 72-63-9)
4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone(Turinabol) (CAS: 2446-23-3)
Trenbolone Acetate (CAS: 10161-34-9)
Trenbolone enanthate (CAS: 472-61-546)
Trenbolone base (CAS: 10161-33-8)
Metribolone (Methyltrienolone) (CAS: 965-93-5)
Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzyl Carbonate (CAS: 23454-33-3)
Methenolone enanthate (CAS: 303-42-4)
Methenolone acetate (CAS: 434-05-9)
Boldenone (CAS: 846-48-0)
Boldenone Acetate (CAS: 846-46-0)
Boldenone Undecylenate (EQ, Equipoise)(CAS: 13103-34-9)
Boldenone cypionate (CAS: 106505-90-2)
Nandrolone (CAS: 434-22-0)
Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca)(CAS: 360-70-3)
Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (CAS: 62-90-8)
Sildenafil citrate (Viagra)(CAS 171599-83-0)
Tadalafil (Cialis)( CAS: 171596-29-5)
Vardenafil (Levitra)(CAS: 224785-90-4)
Drostanolone enanthate
Drostanolone propionate (Masteron) (CAS: 521-12-0)
Methasterone (Superdrol;Methyldrostanolone;2a 17 a Di-Methyl Etiocholan 3-One, 17b-Ol) (CAS: 3381-88-2)
Tamoxifen citrate(Nolvadex) (CAS: 54965-24-1)
Raloxifene hydrochloride (CAS: 82640-04-8)
Clomifene citrate(Clomid) (CAS: 50-41-9)
Toremifene citrate (CAS: 89778-27-8)
Letrozole (femara) (CAS: 112809-51-5)
Anastrozole (arimidex) (CAS: 120511-73-1)
Exemestane (aromasin) (CAS: 107868-30-4)
Furazabol (CAS: 1239-29-8)
Mesterolone (proviron)(CAS: 1424-00-6)
Formestane (CAS: 566-48-3)
Estradiol ( CAS: 50-28-2)
Estradiol enanthate (CAS: 4956-37-0)
Estradiol benzoate (CAS: 50-50-0)
Androstenedione (CAS: 63-05-8)
Androstenediol (CAS: 521-17-5)
Clostebol acetate (CAS: 855-19-6)
6-Bromoandrostenedione (CAS: 38632-00-7)
Fluoxymesterone (CAS: 76-43-7)
Androsterone (CAS: 53-41-8)
Stanolone (Dihydrotestosterone) (CAS: 521-18-6)
Mestanolone (MDHT; 17alpha-methyldihydrotestosterone) (CAS: 521-11-9)
17a-Methyl-1-Testosterone (CAS: 65-04-3)
2a, 3a - epithio-17a-methyletioallocholanol (CAS: 4267-80-5)
Estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione 98% (CAS: 5173-46-6)
5a-etioallocholan(2,3-c)pyrazole-17b-tetrahydropyranol ether
5a-etioallocholan(2,3-c)furazan-17b-tetrahydropyranol ether
4-chloro-17a-methyl androst-1,4-diene-3b,17b-diol (Halodrol; Turinadiol)
Weight loss drugs:
L-triiodothyronine (T3) (CAS: 6893-02-3)
Levothyroxine Sodium (T4) (CAS: 25416-65-3)
Cabergoline: (CAS: 81409-90-7)
Orlistat (CAS: 96829-58-2)
Lorcaserin (CAS: 616202-92-7)
Zopiclone (CAS: 43200-80-2)
Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide (DXM) (CAS: 125-69-9)
γ-Butyrolactone (GBL) (CAS: 96-48-0)
Hair Growth Steroids:
Finasteride (propecia) (CAS: 98319-26-7)
Dutasteride (CAS: 164656-23-9)
Diuretic Powders:
Spironolactone (CAS: 52-01-7)
Isotretinoin (CAS: 4759-48-2)
Injectable steroids:
Testosterone enanthate (250mg/ml)
Testosterone cypionate (250mg/ml)
Testosterone propionate (100mg/ml)
Sustanon 250 (250mg/ml)
Trenbolone acetate (100mg/ml)
Trenbolone enanthate (100mg/ml)
Trenbolone (100mg/ml)
Oxandrolone (anavar) (20mg/ml)
Boldenone undecylenate (EQ, Equipoise) (200mg/ml)
Nandrolone decanoate (Deca) (200mg/ml)
Nandrolone phenylpropionate (NPP) (100mg/ml)
Primobolan enanthate (Methenolone enanthate) (200mg/ml)
Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate) (100mg/ml)
Oral steroids:
Anadrol (Oxymetholone) (50mg/ml)
Winstrol (Stanozolol (25mg/ml)
Clomifene citrate (Clomid) (50mg/ml)
Tamoxifene citrate (Nolvadex) (20mg/ml)
Mesterolone (Proviron (50mg/ml)


Product name Specification
MT-2 10mg
MT-1 10mg
HGH 176-191 2mg
GHRP-6 5mg
GHRP-6 10mg
Hexarelin 2mg
Triptorelin 2mg
Tesamorelin 2mg
MGF 2mg
pentadecapeptide BPC 157 2mg
Oxytocin 2mg
Selank 5mg
PT-141 10mg
Gonadorelin 2mg
Sermorelin 2mg
TB500 2mg
Gonadorelin 10mg
GHRP-2 5mg
GHRP-2 10mg
CJC-1295 without DAC 2mg
CJC-1295 with DAC 2mg
Ipamorelin 2mg
DSIP 2mg

For Research Purpose only, Not for Human Consumption.

Contact Details
Hongkong Yuancheng Gongchuang Technology Co., Limited

Contact Person: Mr. Ken Zheng

Tel: 86--18038073834

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